Partner Program

Partner Program

Insurance is a team sport. Join in.

Allwest Insurance Partner Programs

We didn’t get to be one of BC’s premier insurance brokerages all by ourselves. Over our 50-year history we have built an amazing network of partnerships, helping bring better insurance options to more British Columbians.

If you need a local insurance brokerage with world-class insurance products to be your business partner, talk to us today.

Public Companies, Private Companies and Government Organizations

Looking for new ways to attract and retain employees? Many companies offer employee perks or special product offerings that provide instant savings. Almost all of your employees need a home insurance policy of some kind, and we offer some of BC’s most competitive options.

  1. With our safe and secure online Apply + Buy application, your employees can get tenants insurance on BC’s best and easiest insurance platform.
  2. Use your company’s special code for discounts and more.
  3. It’s all backed with Allwest experience and local service.

Allwest can help make your employees’ auto insurance easier, too. With our Door2Door delivery, your team can renew their auto insurance by phone and schedule delivery of their new documents at a convenient time. No more going out for their renewals. It’s a win-win for your company and your team.

Whether you choose our Apply+Buy online tenants insurance platform, Door2Door auto insurance delivery, or both, we make it easy for employees to save time and remain safe with easy access linked directly from your intranet, website or HR portal.

Realty and Property Management

Ever wonder if your renters are insured? Are you always trying to track down copies of your tenant’s insurance policy? Managing rentals is a whole lot easier when your tenants have renters insurance with Allwest.

  1. Tenants can get a quote and buy online without a lot of back-and-forth with a broker.
  2. With our online Apply+Buy service, most tenants can be insured in as little as 10 minutes, 24/7.
  3. We can provide a one-click insurance link to place where your customers connect with you online.

Best of all, the property management firm will receive email confirmation of the tenants policy when they purchase, renew, change or cancel. Now it is simple and easy to ensure your tenants are protected and meeting their lease obligations all at the same time.

Mortgage & Life Insurance Brokers

Are you looking to partner with an Insurance Broker who can provide home and commercial insurance products? Do you want to offer more products to your clients? If so, Allwest Insurance may be the perfect partner.

We can help:

  1. Eliminate delays at mortgage closing due to unforeseen insurance issues
  2. Identify property issues that impact insurability
  3. Get your clients the insurance they need on time to fund their mortgage
  4. Provide a no obligation review of their existing coverage
  5. Offer competitive home or commercial insurance products to your clients

Want to work with a firm that specializes in BC home insurance? Allwest is here to be your trusted referral partner, with policies and coverage that make it easy to get homes insured right.

Whether it is a referral partnership, group program, or a special employee offering, we can tailor a personalized program to your brand.

Need more information? Email us today to learn more at or call 1-888-615-3061.