Discounts and Ways to Save


Discounts and Ways to Save

Available Insurance Discounts and Ways to Save

Everyone wants to get the best deal on home insurance in BC. Talk to your Allwest broker to see how you can get all the discounts you’re entitled to.

Bundle your Home & Optional Auto Insurance

Bundle your home and auto together and you could benefit from additional discounts. Visit our Bundle + Save page to learn more.

Claims Free

This discount applies after 3 years of continuous insurance with no claims and the discount amount will differ from insurer to insurer


If you’re mature, you’re responsible. Your also eligible for a mature discount on your home insurance. Mature discounts start at age 40 for insurance companies.

Mortgage Free

No Mortgage or secured Mortgage Line of Credit? Most insurers provide an extra discount

Alarm or Security System

Discounts may apply for centrally monitored Burglar and Fire Alarm systems.

Sprinkler Systems

Interior Sprinklers discounts are available with most insurers

Credit Scoring

Agree to a “Soft” credit score check and your rates could go down. (They won’t go up). We don’t see your credit score and the soft check does not impact your credit rating.

Higher Deductibles

Take a higher deductible on your policy and you will see instant savings.

Updates and Surcharges

Sometimes insurers can place restrictions on what they will pay for certain losses when claims occur due to age or type of materials. Update the key systems in your home and you can ensure you won’t be paying too much for your home insurance:

  • Roof – Make sure the roof is replaced within its normal life span
  • Plumbing – Certain plumbing types are known to fail, like PolyB. What is your plumbing type?
  • Electrical – Certain homes have old style electrical panels that can cause losses. Upgrade your electrical panel to eliminate friction when you buy your home insurance
  • Heating Updates – Ensure your heating system is up to date
  • Water tanks – Replace them within the life span to avoid issues at insurance time
  • Rental Suites – If the suite is in your home, you will be surcharged

Talk to us today to learn more about how you can save on your home insurance.

Terms and conditions apply and rates, coverage, underwriting guidelines and product availability are provided by the insurance companies represented by Allwest Insurance. They are subject to change without notice.