Common Add-On Coverages Available


Common Add-On Coverages Available

Your home insurance policy comes with some base and optional coverages and limits for a variety of categories. In many cases, some coverages are optional and need to be added to qualify for coverage. In fact, the coverage limits for certain coverages can be insufficient or non-existent, so increasing or adding to them will ensure you protect your finances and investment at claim time.

Most Home, Condominium, Renters, Landlord and Luxury home insurance policies are customizable, depending on your needs, your possessions and your home situation. Below are some of the more common insurance riders available. Talk to your Allwest broker to find out more.

Overland Water

This coverage will provide protection against a variety of fresh water threats:

  • Rising waters from fresh water sources that enter at ground level through windows or doors
  • Rain water
  • Rivers/lakes that overflow their banks
  • Melting snow or ice that results in rising waters


If your home shakes, rattles and rolls off the foundation, sustains damage or is damaged beyond repair in an earthquake, you can be protected for:

  • Building – Total and partial losses that require, repair or full replacement
  • Contents – Your contents are protected as well when damaged by an earthquake


Core policies come with coverage for bikes to a limit and the insured is subject to the policy deductible. Scheduling an expensive bike is a good way to ensure you get the full replacement value of your bike in case of a loss and substantially lowering your deductible

Adding your E-Bikes to your home insurance is growing in popularity. The speed and power rating of your E-bike will determine if your bike is insurable for loss and liability on your home insurance policy. Talk to your Allwest broker about your E-bike insurance needs.


Core home insurance policies come with a base limit on jewellery that may not be enough for your collection. Insure your jewellery to its full replacement value including taxes and reduce the deductible. A recent appraisal and/or purchase receipt are required to establish a valuation.

Home-Based Business

These situations are unique and a conversation with your broker will help determine if your home based business qualifies for, or requires business insurance. No two businesses are alike. Understanding your risk and exposure will help ensure you get the right policy.


Have an art collection? We can help protect it. Talk to us to learn about your options and how to value your collection. An appraisal and/or receipt are required to establish a valuation.

Wine & Spirits

Help protect your wine collection far into its vintage years. Talk to us to learn about your options and how to value your collection so you can get the right coverage limit.

You will want to consider coverage for things like breakage, spoilage, changes in temperature or damage to the label.

Umbrella or Excess Liability

This coverage sits on top of your underlying liability coverage to increase the liability limit and extend to other personal areas of the insured’s life – usually a car, boat or home that is personally owned.

Rental Income Coverage

If you ever have a claim, you’ll be glad you purchased rental income protection coverage.
Should your tenant have to move out because of the home being unlivable during the repairs or rebuild, your rental income will continue.

This coverage provides you with the declared rental or fair market value rental income until the home is repaired or rebuilt or the coverage is fully paid. All the ongoing costs, such as mortgage, property taxes, and all expenses associated with upkeep continue even during the loss.

Claims-Free Protection

Protect your claims-free years by adding Claims-Free protection. The CFP policy will preserve your claims-free discount status should you make an insurance claim. It can only be used once to preserve your claims free discount before a customary waiting period is required before you are eligible to purchase it again.

Building Bylaws

Building rules can vary by municipality and they change over time. Building Bylaws coverage will protect you from the extra costs paid to comply with regulations. Increasing your Building Bylaws coverage will ensure you don’t incur unnecessary costs at claim time.

Personal Cyber Insurance

Coverage to protect you against harassment, defamation of character and cyber bullying committed against you online via an electronic device, as well as legal expenses and consultation coverage.

Equipment Breakdown

Covers breakdown of your permanently installed home equipment, such as heat, cooling and pool equipment.

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