Auto Insurance Coverage


Auto Insurance Coverage

Here’s a closer look at the Auto Insurance coverage we can deliver.

We offer a wide variety of auto insurance products through ICBC or private insurers that are flexible, comprehensive and can be tailored to your situation. Speak to an Allwest agent who can assist you with all of our auto insurance questions, needs, and fulfillment.

Individual driving factors and history now impact your insurance premiums. An Allwest broker will be able to help you understand how your insurance premiums are impacted by your driving history, vehicle use, any prior at fault accidents and the people who will be listed as drivers for your vehicle.

What Kind of Vehicles Do We Insure?

At Allwest, we can insure almost any vehicle for you. Whether it is a personal or commercial vehicle, recreational vehicle, travel trailer, ATV, collector car, high value vehicle, motorcycle, fleet or you need to store you vehicle for a while, we have it all. We can even assist with importing vehicles to BC or sale and transfers as well as personalized plates.

Collision Coverage

Even the best drivers make mistakes, and auto repairs and replacement can be expensive. Collision coverage helps pay for your vehicle repairs, towing, storage and more, when you are at fault for your accident.

Comprehensive Coverage

Vehicles are at risk of more than crashes. Other losses or damage to your vehicle can come from chipped windshields, theft or vandalism, weather related damage or hitting a wild animal. Your comprehensive coverage provides the protection you need to repair your vehicle.

Enhanced Accident Benefits

Statutory accident benefits apply for all BC residents to cover necessary medical care, rehabilitation and related expenses from car accidents.

Enhanced Care ensures BC residents get the care they need when injured in a motor vehicle accident in Canada or the USA.

The 5 Categories of benefits that Enhanced Care provide are:

  1. Health care, rehabilitation and related expenses to help you recover from your injuries. Types of benefits that are eligible include: medical and paramedical benefits, personal care assistance, travel, meals & accommodation, prosthesis, and orthosis. Physiotherapy, chiropractor, dental and other expenses associated with your accident recovery are also eligible.
  2. Income Replacement to provide 90% of the customer’s net income up to $100,000. For those earning over $100,000, coverage can be increased up to an additional $100,000. Learn more about this important coverage. Find out more >
  3. Permanent Impairment Benefit. This provides a lump-sum payment to injured customers who suffer permanent impairments as a result of an accident.
  4. Death Benefits that provide a lump-sum payment to surviving family members of a deceased customer. This benefit includes funeral expenses and grief counselling for surviving family members.
  5. Caregiver, Student and Retirement benefits. These provide additional financial support for those that are injured in an accident and need assistance caring for their dependents.
Extended Third-Party Liability Coverage

Your Basic Autoplan insurance includes up to $200,000 in Third-Party Liability Coverage. If you are at fault in a crash in BC, this coverage pays for any property damage and/or business loss that can arise if you are fault for an accident.

If you have an at fault accident outside of BC or Canada, you will need liability coverage as you are subject to the laws and rules in other jurisdictions. For out of province, your Basic Autoplan insurance includes up to $200,000 in Third-Party Liability coverage, but costs could go much higher, and you could be responsible for the difference. Third Party Liability insurance protects you from liability for damages, lost income, legal expenses, care expenses (and more) for the other driver and their passengers if you’re found responsible for a crash.

You can choose from a variety of limits that meet your needs and budget.

Loss Of Use

This coverage provides access to a rental vehicle of like kind while your vehicle is being repaired or you are offered a settlement as the result of a covered claim. To qualify for loss of use, you must carry collision and comprehensive.

Hit and Run

This covers you for vehicle damage caused by Hit and Run claims to repair your vehicle damage. To qualify for hit and run coverage, you must purchase Collision coverage as well.

Underinsured Motorist Protection UMP

Underinsured Motorist Protection increases the protection provided under your Basic Autoplan if the other driver doesn’t have enough insurance, by covering things like medical costs, rehabilitation, and lost wages.

It will even cover you in the event you are injured while you are pedestrian, cyclist or in a vehicle other than your own.

Note: Underinsured Motorist Protection coverage doesn’t apply to crashes in provinces or states where the law doesn’t allow you to sue and recover damages for injury or death caused by a vehicle crash.

Private Auto

We also offer a variety of private auto carriers that offer the same type of optional insurance that ICBC offers. However, in certain cases, private auto coverage can be enhanced or benefit you depending on your age, driving history and vehicle use. Also, if you have your home insurance with your private auto carrier, there may be an opportunity to bundle your coverage and save.

Additional Coverage Available through ICBC or Private Insurance

There are many insurance options and products that our Allwest experts can deliver for you, including:

  • Garage and Fleet – For business-owned vehicles, fleets, and personal collections.
  • New Vehicle Protection – Protects the full value of a new vehicle against a possible write-off crash for a pre-determined time period
  • Storage Coverage – Provides coverage for damage related to the storage of a vehicle.
  • Rate Group 98 – For luxury vehicles.
  • Road Side Plus and Road Star – Enhanced protection options and coverage to protect you while driving.
  • Young Drivers – Add-on coverage that permits young drivers to operate your vehicle while learning to drive.

Terms and Conditions apply to all coverages and coverage limits and eligibility vary.

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