This is your one-stop resource for insurance claims contact information, so you can get in touch with your insurer and get the process started.

Please take a moment to review the information below and gather any recommended documents and information. If you have questions about the claim process, your policy and what to expect, or if your insurer is not listed here, call Allwest at 1-888-615-3061.


When making a claim – reference your ICBC What to Do After a Crash card to get details and gather important information about your accident.  If you’re an Allwest client, you will find the card with your ICBC documents most likely located in your glove box.

  • Be sure to get the other party’s vehicle information, including drivers license number, license plate number, vehicle type (including year, make and model) and contact information
  • Take a picture of the other party’s driver’s license and insurance documents.
  • Get any witness contact information
  • Take a moment and illustrate what happened as soon as possible and describe what happened from your perspective.  Try to capture as much detail as you can
  • You may need a police report number if the accident involved the police, for things like theft, if your vehicle is stolen or in case of bodily injury claims
  • ICBC will work with you to get your vehicle repaired and on any other claim related benefits that you are entitled or eligible for
  • Keep any receipts for out of pocket expenses like towing, car rental or other vehicle related items – you may be eligible for reimbursement

Visit ICBC to learn more.

When ready, call 1-800-910-4222 to report your claim

Private Auto

Family Auto Cover – 1-800-661-4404 or online

Intact Insurance – 1-866-464-2424

Chubb Insurance – 1-800-532-4822

Optiom – 1-844-427-7587

Home Insurance

If this is an emergency claim, call your insurer right away to get your claim started. They may need to dispatch emergency claim services to assist you in safely securing the property.

When reporting a claim for home insurance, be sure to document what happened and any calls you make to the insurer for future reference.

You will have to report your claim to the insurer, who will appoint an adjuster to look after you. The adjuster may appoint a claims restoration company to help repair your home.

It is always a good idea to photograph your loss to support your statement and for future reference – if you can, well before you have a claim, create a photo log of your possessions – it can make your claim process much easier.

If you’re reporting a stolen item, you will need to report it to the police and obtain police report number.

You are responsible for paying the deductible on your policy.

Your adjuster and the claims restoration company will work with you to help get your property repaired as quickly as possible.

Select your home insurance provider and contact them directly to start your claim.

Or call us at 1-888-615-3061 for assistance.

Intact Insurance – 1-866-464-2424

Gore – 1-800-265-8600

Aviva – 1-800-692-8482

Family – 1-800-661-4400

Chubb Insurance – 1-800-532-4822

Travel Insurance

To file your travel insurance claim, contact Allianz Global Assistance.

Claim Numbers:

1-800-520-8823 if your in North America


1-519-742-9013 if outside of North America

Visit Allianz Global Assistance to learn more.

For all other claims, refer to your insurance policy for instructions or call Allwest at 1-888-615-3061 for assistance.