AllWest Insurance Covid 19 Safety Plan

Workplace Hazards

  • 1.1. Proximity to clients and other employees
  • 1.2. Contact with staff and clients at dealerships and deliveries
  • 1.3. Space constraints that interfere with social distancing
  • 1.4. Shared work spaces and implements – desks, keyboards, credit card machines
  • 1.5. Staff to staff transmission of virus
  • 1.6. Improper cleaning and disinfecting
  • 1.7. Staff not following established Covid19 protocols

Implemented Protocols to address identified hazards

  • Sanitized all offices with ongoing provision of cleaning supplies and hand sanitizer to offices
  • Enhanced cleaning protocols for offices (i.e. cleaning of barriers and wiping down of counters)
  • Restrictions on number of staff in the office with an emphasis on social distancing
  • Installation of plexi-glass barriers between staff, and between staff and clients
  • Instituted program to reimburse staff for masks purchased to wear at work.
  • Protocols and policies on social distancing with clients and no contact deliveries
  • Posted occupancy limits for the number of clientele in offices
  • Servicing clients remotely through electronic transactions where possible, ensuring clients adhere to Covid19 protocols
  • Posted restrictions on the number of staff allowed in closed areas such as lunchroom
  • Communication of expectations and guidelines to staff to ensure staff safety during client interactions
  • Instituted work from home programs for staff whose tasks can be completed outside the office
  • Communication of company guidelines and protocols to management and staff
  • Education of staff on social distancing

Policies Developed

  • Any staff members returning from out of country are required to self-quarantine for 14 days
  • Any staff coming into direct contact with family, friends or clients who are Covid-compromised (i.e. newly returned to Canada, exposed to Covid19) are required to self-quarantine for 14 days
  • Any staff member living at a residence where another household member is required to quarantine, is also required to self-quarantine Any staff members exhibiting any symptoms or illness are required to stay home and contact the Covid19 hotline. If a staff member exhibits symptoms or illness at the workplace they are asked to immediately leave the workplace and first aid attendant is to be notified. Staff are not to return to work until they are symptom free, or if recommended to do so by the hotline, get a negative test result from their doctor
  • Any staff with any concerns over personal safety, or potential exposure to Covid19 are encouraged to self-isolate
  •  Staff have been advised that any violations of Covid19 protocols at a dealership are to be communicated immediately to their manager. Manager will then contact the CEO (Paul Zalesky) or COO (James Beaulieu) immediately, and they will contact the dealership principals to ensure proper protocols are followed
  • All first aid attendants provided with OFAA protocolsAll first aid supplies updated to include Covid19 supplies – visors, masks, coveralls, gloves, aprons
  • Where possible we have implemented work from home policies

Communication Plans and Training

  • We have regularly communicated policies and procedures as they are developed to managers and staff
  • All staff have been advised of company policies regarding illness or exposure to Covid19, and the requirements to stay home and self-quarantine
  • Signage for occupancy restrictions, social distancing and effective hygiene practices have been posted in all locations
  • Supervisors and managers have been informed on policies and procedures, and the monitoring of staff and clients
  • Covid19 Safety Plan posted in all offices
  • Staff are encouraged to bring forward any concerns and/or suggestions

Workplace Monitoring

  • Health and Safety Committee regularly updated and asked to monitor workplace for potential hazards, staff concerns, and potential improvements to our policies and procedures
  • Online resources regularly consulted for any announced changes to Covid19 protocols
  • Changes and/or additions to the Covid19 Safety Plan are made as necessary