Image for Our travel insurance partner TuGo, shares customer questions on their Covid coverage.

Our travel insurance partner TuGo, shares customer questions on their Covid coverage.

January 26, 2022 / Insurance, Travel Insurance

Our travel insurance partner TuGo, shares customer questions on their Covid coverage.

While it’s a tumultuous time right now in travel, many customers are still planning to venture abroad. And all they want is to feel confident their travel insurance will cover them if and when they need it the most. That’s why tugo has extensively updated their Travel Insurance FAQs to address the most common questions and concerns.   

Here are the top 5 questions TUGO has received from Canadian travellers.

1. What is considered a subsequent vaccine dose? Does this include booster doses? 

A subsequent vaccine dose means any COVID-19 dose that is recommended for you by your provincial/territorial Health Authority after you’ve received your first COVID-19 dose. This can be a second dose, a third dose, any other additional doses and/or a booster dose. 

If you aren’t sure if or when a third/additional dose or booster dose is recommended for you, you must check your provincial/territorial Health Authority’s protocols. 

2. Can I purchase Trip Cancellation & Interruption coverage after I’ve already left on my trip? 

Coverage for Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption for an existing trip can’t be purchased after departure. Trip Interruption Only coverage is also not available for purchase after departure. 

However, you can purchase a policy with Trip Cancellation & Trip Interruption Insurance after departure, but only for a new side-trip booked while you’re already away. Keep in mind, that in the event of a trip interruption claim where you need to be returned to your point of departure, it will be to the place you departed from to start the side-trip. 
3. What coverage is available if I have to quarantine due to a positive COVID-19 test result, which prevents me from returning home as scheduled?

If you purchased a policy with trip interruption coverage before you left for your trip, you’ll have access to all the applicable trip interruption benefits, which includes coverage for the cost of a one-way economy airfare to your original point of departure, as well as out-of-pocket expenses up to $350/day to a maximum of $1,500 for commercial accommodation, meals, internet, telephone and taxi expenses.

4. If I’ve previously been diagnosed with COVID-19, can I still have coverage for COVID-19?  What requirements do I need to meet? 

You’ll be covered for COVID-19 under the TuGo Emergency Medical Insurance plan if you haven’t been diagnosed with COVID-19 on or within 30 days before departure and aren’t showing symptoms on or within 14 days before departure. Keep in mind that just like any other medical condition, coverage for COVID-19 is also subject to the pre-existing medical condition stability period requirements. Refer to your policy wording for details.

5. Does a doctor need to be consulted before I cancel or interrupt my trip because of a COVID-19 diagnosis?

While we normally require a doctor to confirm the medical necessity for cancelling or interrupting a trip, in the case of a COVID-19 diagnosis, we‘ll accept proof of a positive COVID-19 test in lieu of a medical certificate or letter from a doctor as follows:  For trip cancellation: written confirmation from a doctor is not required when someone tests positive within 14 days before the scheduled departure date. For trip interruption: written confirmation from a doctor is not required for expenses incurred within 14 days from the date a positive COVID-19 test result is received. To support a trip cancellation or interruption claim for COVID-19 that was diagnosed outside these 14-day periods, written confirmation from a doctor is needed to confirm the patient is still medically unfit to travel on the scheduled travel date. The positive COVID-19 test result must include a name and date, as well as the laboratory or medical clinic name. A COVID-19 rapid test can’t be used to substantiate a claim because it doesn’t specify the date the result was received or who took it. Keep in mind that if you can’t book an official PCR test to support your claim, you may need to pay for a private test or get written confirmation from a doctor advising that you cannot travel. 

If your planning to travel, be sure to purchase travel insurance that protects you if you catch Covid before and after you depart for your trip. Talk to your Allwest broker today or visit TuGo to learn more.

Content provided by TuGo, A Canadian Travel insurance provider and insurance partner of Allwest Insurance Services Ltd.

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