Image for Don’t go out for your auto insurance! In pandemic times, Door2Door delivers.

Don’t go out for your auto insurance! In pandemic times, Door2Door delivers.

July 13, 2020 / Auto Insurance, News

Don’t go out for your auto insurance! In pandemic times, Door2Door delivers.

When Allwest began Door2Door service for free auto insurance renewal delivery, it was just another way for us to make insurance easier for British Columbians. Now, with Covid-19 social distancing protocols, it has become the standard for low-touch, high-service customer satisfaction. We talked to our Door2Door service team about how it works and what makes it so efficient for the times.

People have a lot on their minds these days. Paula Manhas, our Call Centre Manager, describes how Allwest makes sure your renewal doesn’t slip through the cracks.

“Door2Door service begins with text reminders, 30 days out, then 16, eight and three days away,” she says, “Customers have the option to text us back, or they can click on the phone number and go direct to a live agent in the Call Centre to renew their insurance.”

Paula M, Contact Centre Manager

Renewal, with all of the details done right.

“Customers love the way we do their renewals,” says Allwest Call Centre Representative Kiran, “If we need to call ICBC about something on their coverage, we can do the work behind the scenes. Then we make arrangements for a non-contact delivery date at a specific location within a 2-hour window”.

Kiran S, Call Centre Team Member

Door2Door… 2Office, 2Backyard.. 2Beach…Our drivers go the extra mile.

Allwest drivers cover the Lower Mainland from Lions Bay to Abbotsford. And they have been busy! Brian Bae, Allwest’s Door2Door Booking Co-ordinator, shares their secrets for being everywhere at once.

“We coordinate our fleet of drivers digitally,” Brian says, “Our system optimally books all deliveries to make sure we arrive at the client’s requested time.”

Brian Bae, Booking Coordinator

Allwest experienced a huge surge in deliveries from 60 drops per day before Covid to as high as 90. But dedicated drivers and sophisticated logistics systems enable Allwest to meet higher volume and deliver for customers.

We deliver, touch-free.

These days, a high level of service means a low level of physical contact. Each Allwest driver is provided gloves, masks, and lots of sanitizer to keep everyone safe. Allwest Door2Door Driver Don Harvey describes his post-Covid routine.

“We drivers are assigned a group of deliveries each day and we plan out our route to visit customers in sequence. Documents are prepared ahead of time (with ICBC electronic signature consent) and we can simply drop them off with proper social distancing and sanitizing practices – 100% no-contact. After each delivery we go through another sanitizing protocol, so we start the next delivery with a clean slate.”

Don Harvey, Customer Service

Happy customers make it all worthwhile.

“It is fun being a Door2Door driver because we see the happy side of the customer experience.” He says.

Don Harvey, Customer Service

“My insurance is coming up soon and Door2Door is perfect because I don’t have to line up to get into a store, I can do everything from the safety of my own home. They will come to my house, leave my documents and even put the decal on my car.”

Carolyn S, School Teacher & Customer

“When you work busy days the last thing you want to do is run out and visit an office to do auto insurance. With this service you make a call, review your insurance in minutes, and the next thing you know they are at your door with your insurance.”

Kevin & Cheryl, Logistics Industry & Customer

“As a CEO, one of the biggest things with Covid-19 is keeping all my employees safe by keeping myself safe. (With Door2Door) you can complete all the coverage details and paperwork online, and they show up at your door…they take care of everything without you having to do anything.”

Jeff S, Executive CEO & Customer

Are you Door2Door ready? Call Allwest today at 1-888-615-3925 to set up your renewal reminder.