3 Roadwise Tips for the New Fall Driving Season

For many, the launch of the new ICBC rating system wasn’t a big deal…life goes on. And, with the coming fall season, so have our busy lives – the many school, work, family, and fitness routines that mark our everyday lives are back in full effect. So now that you’re… Continue Reading

The Countdown to a New Auto Insurance System for BC

With one month to go before the effective launch of the province’s new auto insurance system, it’s worth reflecting on how we got here. Understanding the reasons for the can help us all feel a little better about some of the changes we’ll experience come renewal time, especially considering… Continue Reading

Starting in September, Auto Insurance is All About the Driver

Last month, we talked about the first set of changes coming to ICBC Auto Insurance (Autoplan) policies as sweeping changes come into effect as of September 1, 2018. Other changes are afoot, including the ways ICBC will use individual driving and claims histories to rate auto insurance policies, impacting… Continue Reading