How will my ICBC car insurance change in 2022?

“How will my ICBC car insurance change in 2022?” As ICBC works to streamline the auto insurance experience, significant changes are expected to be announced, effective in Spring of 2022. Exact details have not been publicized, but your Allwest Renewal Experts are already anticipating these updates and are ready to… Continue Reading

Enhanced Care – What you need to know

On May 1st, ICBC rolled out the new Enhanced Care Insurance program.  While there has been a lot of discussion in the news about the impact the changes will have; there are some important components that consumers should know. First off, this type of insurance coverage is not new to… Continue Reading

We Deliver Insurance How And Where You Need It.

Take a look at all the new ways Allwest is delivering insurance, how and where you need it. Allwest has been serving Lower Mainland customers for over 50 years, but we haven’t been sitting still. The Allwest team has freshened our look, built a new website and launched products and… Continue Reading

COVID-19 Update

TO OUR VALUED CLIENTS, During this pandemic, we hope you and your families are staying safe and are taking all necessary precautions. At Allwest Insurance, we are here and ready to assist you during this time. We have implemented required COVID-19 safety protocols to ensure your safety and that of… Continue Reading

Doing a Major Home Reno? Make Sure You’re Covered!

Your next home renovation will go perfectly…just like they always do. Now, the chances that you read that statement ironically may depend on whether you’ve ever done a major home reno in the first place. Either way, you should rightfully plan for — and expect — nothing but success. At… Continue Reading

3 Roadwise Tips for the New Fall Driving Season

For many, the launch of the new ICBC rating system wasn’t a big deal…life goes on. And, with the coming fall season, so have our busy lives – the many school, work, family, and fitness routines that mark our everyday lives are back in full effect. So now that you’re… Continue Reading

The Countdown to a New Auto Insurance System for BC

With one month to go before the effective launch of the province’s new auto insurance system, it’s worth reflecting on how we got here. Understanding the reasons for the can help us all feel a little better about some of the changes we’ll experience come renewal time, especially considering… Continue Reading