How will my ICBC car insurance change in May, 2022?

“How will my ICBC car insurance change in 2022?” As ICBC works to streamline the auto insurance experience, significant changes are being rolled out for May of 2022. Now that details have been publicized, your Allwest Renewal Experts are already preparing for these changes and are ready to deliver clarity. Continue Reading

Enhanced Care – What you need to know

On May 1st, ICBC rolled out the new Enhanced Care Insurance program.  While there has been a lot of discussion in the news about the impact the changes will have; there are some important components that consumers should know. First off, this type of insurance coverage is not new to… Continue Reading

We Deliver Insurance How And Where You Need It.

Take a look at all the new ways Allwest is delivering insurance, how and where you need it. Allwest has been serving Lower Mainland customers for over 50 years, but we haven’t been sitting still. The Allwest team has freshened our look, built a new website and launched products and… Continue Reading